STULZ-TI offer comprehensive Data Centre audits for new and existing Data Centre facilities ensuring compliance with applicable standards and international best practices and highlighting areas for efficiency and security improvements.

STULZ-TI can undertake the following:

Audits and Certification

Once your Data Centre has been built, you want assurance that your investment has been constructed according to applicable standards and international best practices.

STULZ-TI will extensively assess over 2,600 criteria throughout the Data Centre environment to ensure compliance with these standards and to give you peace-of-mind. STULZ-TI can undertake the following:

  • TIA-942 audits & certification

  • 3rd party ISO-24762, ISO-27001 and ISO 20000 audits

  • Compliance reviews

  • Facility validation and certification services

Design Validation

This service is aimed at helping you with validation of designs which you, your consultants or suppliers have prepared. STULZ-TI can verify these designs against applicable standards and/or Tier/Rating levels. Validation is generally carried out before the procurement phase to ensure that everything is correctly designed and specified.

Phased Evaluation

STULZ-TI offer a professional, evaluative service for each phase of the Data Centre construction cycle to ensure compliance with auditing standards.

STULZ-TI can evaluate your project during the initial design phase or any of the key build, testing, commissioning or hand-over phases.

Data Centre Onsite Review

Onsite review of the Data Centre includes surveying key criteria including: geographic location, construction, power infrastructure, environmental control infrastructure, physical security and electromagnetic fields as well as telecommunications infrastructure and maintenance contracts to identify critical problems and evaluate existing status of the site.

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