Service and Maintenance

STULZ-TI offers a range of value added services to help keep your Data Centre in top condition.

  • Range of packages available

  • Comprehensive variety of hardware cover

  • Bespoke care packages

  • Works in conjunction with Stulz Service Portal

  • Cover for new and old Data Centres

  • Remote Monitoring available

  • No Brand bias

  • Global Reach

Maintenance Services

STULZ-TI offer round the clock maintenance services which can be tailored to support individual customer requirements. Our maintenance services include air conditioning systems, fire suppression, UPS, generators, switchgear and environmental monitoring systems.

Data Centre Deep Cleans – STULZ-TI can undertake a full cleaning regime which includes the sub-floor void, floor tiles and equipment surfaces, ensuring compliance with ISO 14644-1 standards in line with hardware manufacturer’s warranties. This helps ensure optimum cooling and reduces energy consumption.

Emergency Lighting

STULZ-TI can maintain emergency light fittings performing scheduled tests to ensure batteries and chargers are kept in optimum working order. This ensures that the Data Centre emergency lighting conforms to BS 5266-1.

Generator Testing

STULZ-TI provide a comprehensive testing plan designed to ensure UPS and generator systems are maintained at peak efficiency. Generator tests can be conducted in accordance to BS8528 using the Data Centre as the load or via a load bank. Load bank testing is an ideal way of ensuring that the system performs as intended if called upon to support a critical load. Load banks are also available for lease.

Raised Access Flooring

The maintenance of raised access flooring is critical to a high availability Data Centre. STULZ-TI can replace damaged tiles and air vents, re-balance and re-level tiles, install stringer systems and strengthen flooring, install and repair ramps and hand rails, and supply brushed and aperture controlled grommets.

Room Integrity Testing

STULZ-TI can perform room integrity tests that meet ISO 14520. This is undertaken using volumetric calculations and calibrated test fans. This provides an annual certificate of compliance and assures that a fire suppression gas concentration is held for a sufficient time to prevent re-ignition in the event of a fire.

Thermal Imaging

Over time, switchgear connections can work loose through current surges and vibration. Whilst this is difficult to detect, it does lead to loss of connectivity, overheating, fires and ultimately power outages. STULZ-TI use specialised non-intrusive cameras to detect hot-spots within switchgear, highlighting potential problems before they become disasters. If necessary, STULZ-TI qualified electricians can rectify any anomalies.

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