Whether you are looking to upgrade, replace or new products for your Data Centre, STULZ-TI offer a range of industry products and services. STULZ-TI offer great value for high quality well recognised brands.


Keeping IT equipment cool within a Data Centre is critical to its service uptime as well as maximising the equipment’s capital life.

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Critical Power

Having a backup generating system is very important for critical IT systems that need to be available 24×7 as UPS systems typically have limited runtime autonomy.

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Data Cabling

STULZ-TI are experts in the design and provision of network cable installations and associated products and services.

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DCFMS is STULZ-TI’s bespoke facility management software. Coupled with environmental monitoring hardware, it allows critical parameters to be visualised in a user-friendly web interface.

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Environmental Monitoring

Stable conditions are vital to ensure reliable Data Centre operation and abnormal conditions or failing subsystems need to be alerted to staff immediately.

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Leak Detection

Advanced smart systems, control panels and sensing cables tailored to the specific needs of your facility.

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Security and Access Control

The security of business critical data systems is paramount in Data Centres. STULZ-TI Data Centre designs analyse security requirements and implement solutions to mitigate security risks.

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Racks and Containment

STULZ-TI offer a comprehensive range of best-of-breed Data Centre racks, enclosed aisle solutions and accessories suitable for all server, storage and networking applications.

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Fire Suppression and Detection

Fire suppression and detection is a vital element of all Data Centres and helps protect Data Centre assets and maximise up-time by suppressing fire before serious damage can be done.

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STULZ Service Portal

Working in partnership with our maintenance programs, STULZ Service Portal is a fantastic tool to track the visibility of the maintenance and servicing of your Data Centre.

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