Keeping IT equipment cool within a Data Centre is critical to its service uptime as well as maximising the equipment’s capital life.


STULZ-TI partner with STULZ, one of the world’s largest and best air conditioning manufacturers to deliver efficient and reliable cooling products for every requirement.

In deciding the ways to cool technology spaces, such as a Data Centre, zone or rack, organisations are faced with a myriad of technologies such as direct expansion (DX), fresh air, chilled water, in-row, down-flow, cold/hot aisle containment, free cooling etc.

The right methodology depends on factors as room size and layout, rack and room densities, carbon footprint initiatives as well as capital and operational expenditure.


Our consultants and engineers have the expertise and experience to design, install and maintain the right cooling solution. The central focus of our cooling design philosophy is computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling.

At STULZ-TI, we believe that our combination of best practice, experience and CFD modelling creates the right cooling design for our customers.

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