Data Center Infrastructure Management

CyberHub ECO.DC

To complement the large cooling systems and the STULZ GmbH service portal, STULZ Digitronic Software GmbH will also be showing its newly-developed energy monitoring system CyberHub ECO.DC on the booth.

This software solution helps data center operators adapt their air-conditioning control dynamically to suit the air-conditioning requirements in question and to identify hidden energy-saving potential. The software supports numerous industry-standard protocols and works as a higher-order system, capable of displaying and evaluating a wide variety of information.


STULZ Digitronic Software GmbH

Auf der Langwies 1
65510 Hünstetten-Wallbach

Phone: +(49) 6126 94535-0
Fax: +(49) 6126 94535-9

Please contact Bernd Aichele to arrange an appointment with STULZ Digitronic Software GmbH: aichele(at)

CyberHub ECO.DC is optimized for multiple devices and screen sizes due to its responsive design.


  • Savings on operating costs

    Identification of savings potential thanks to constant monitoring.

  • Improved reliability

    Round-the-clock monitoring of e.g. the temperature values in the data center in order to prevent hot spots.

  • Superordinate system

    The software, after coordination of an interface, can collate a wide range of data such as power, gas, heating levels and cooling levels in different systems within the data center.

  • Browser based

    The CyberHub ECO.DC software is intuitive and can be used on workstations or mobile devices.

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