Data Cabling

STULZ-TI are experts in the design and provision of network cable installations and associated products and services.


Over three quarters of all new copper network installations are now Cat6 which offers gigabit speeds with maximum reliability, lifetime and investment return. Although Cat6 may be used at 10Gb speeds over short distances, Cat6A or Cat7 should be used for 10Gb speeds over distances of more than 40m.

Copper Cabling

All network cables must be properly installed and terminated, however Cat6/6A/7 cables are particularly sensitive to kinking, bending too tightly and incorrect termination that can result in transmission errors and reduced throughput.


Fibre cables have a greater bandwidth than copper cabling and can therefore operate at faster data rates over greater distances. They are typically used for backbone applications or for throughput hungry applications. Multimode fibres are typically used at data rates of up to 10Gb over building or campus distances, whilst single mode fibres can be used at data rates of up to 40Gb over metropolitan distances.

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