DCFMS is STULZ-TI’s bespoke facility management software. Coupled with environmental monitoring hardware, it allows critical parameters to be visualised in a user-friendly web interface.


STULZ-TI installs and configures DCFMS on a client server to receive a variety of data from: UPS, temperature and humidity sensors, leak detection systems, fire panels, and other client critical environmental monitoring data.


DCFMS utilises a traffic-light system for flagging parameters that have entered pre-defined thresholds, alerting the Data Centre manger to potential issues via email, or SMS.

STULZ-TI also offer a remote monitoring service for extra peace-of-mind.


DCFMS will start collecting data immediately, and allows for mapping and visualisation of historical trends, power usage effectiveness (PUE) calculations, Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency (DCIE) calculations, power consumption per rack, UPS Input/Output power, AC Input/Output power. DCFMS will also display total power consumption, energy efficiency rating and greenhouse gas emissions.


A variety of views are available to capture the recorded data. A 3D map of the Data Centre is produced clearly identifying the Data Centre for ease of reference. STULZ-TI work closely with the end users of the software to understand requirements to enable the software to be tailored to the user.

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