Fire Suppression and Detection

Fire suppression and detection is a vital element of all Data Centres and helps protect Data Centre assets and maximise up-time by identifying and suppressing fire before serious damage can be done.

STULZ-TI are specialists in the design and installation of both detection systems and fire suppression.


Detection systems sense smoke and heat using optical and ionisation sensors which are installed in zones that can cover separate rooms or voids. VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) systems can be installed in addition to optical and ionisation sensors to give an independent very early warning of impending fire.


Fire suppression involves discharging a fire suppressant gas which can quickly extinguish fire without damaging equipment or posing environmental or health risks. STULZ-TI recommends the use of Novec 1230 which operates by removing heat energy from the fire and interrupting the combustion process. STULZ-TI is also experienced in the installation of other fire suppressants such as FM200 or oxygen depletion technologies such as OxyReduct™.

Fire Panels

The fire detection and suppression system is controlled by a battery backed-up fire panel which also interfaces with room sounders and beacons, and can interface with the Data Centre environmental monitoring system and the building management system.

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